About me

Besides translating books, articles, or letters, or editing German translations from English or Russian, I help with writing your own teaching or biography, that is, in German. At times, I translate a letter or newsletter into English or Russian.

Another feature is simultaneous translation, on trips, on conferences, or for your guests.

A good book usually offers new impulses the reader may not be used to; so it must be trustworthy. Of course, the same standard applies to translations! Appearing questions I discuss with the author or the editor and even with experts, and at times, the result is a rework of the original for the next print.

My favorite is editing German scripts towards best German, even my own translation: good ideas deserve an excellent presentation. Whatever the original language, the result shall be easy-to-read and easy to understand: rather short and clear sentences, good grammar and spelling, appropriate language, plausibility, good-for-print correction. I also may help to find a publisher.

God bless you!


since 2021    resident in Ludwigshafen area, Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany)

since 2008    editor, translator, interpreter, corrector

since 2003    resident in the Black Forest (Germany)

2002–2003   England, 15 months

1998–2001   Russia (Siberia), 24 months

short trips to Israel (4 months) and Ukraine

Photo Gabriele Pässler