Since 2004, I have been translating the quarterly bulletin of Ebenezer Emergency Fund International into German.

Previously, I spent 2 years in Russia as a volunteer with Ebenezer Operation Exodus and 16 months in England as volunteer (chef) at Ellel Ministries. On various trips, I spent 17 weeks in Israel als delegate or interpreter (simultaneous) on tours and conferences.

Besides that, I visited the Ukraine, Romania and Albania.

In 2008, I started translating books or working on raw translations, e.g. books of C.H. Spurgeon (The Final Manifesto), Ken Ham (ed.) and Werner Oder; but my favorite is ‘translating’ German scripts or raw translations into best German – that is, good ideas deserve an excellent presentation. Whatever the original language, I seek to make the book easy-to-read and easy to understand. Therefore, I seek to make rather short and clear sentences; I care for good grammar and correct spelling, appropriate language and plausibility.

A good translation makes the reader think, feel and see the same like the reader of the original. So, due to cultural differences, at times it even finds other words putting the author’s thought, his intent first. So I constantly ask myself how the author would have expressed it in German if she or he were a native German speaker?

The English 5-lines clause without any comma may be translated correctly into a German seven-liner, supported by ten commas. However, such a sentence would be quite hard to comprehend so I seek to crack it into short portions; that often takes quite some thought. Translating is hard work indeed and mostly requires linguistic reworking in the editorial office which I love to do!

If I myself cannot understand a concept, a statement, a clause, although in the editorial office I am dealing intensely with the book – how then should the reader (probably reading in the evening after long hours of hard work)? No single sentence should remain misunderstood.

Good books usually offer new impulses the reader may not be used to; so the appearance should be as trustworthy as possible. Of course, the same standard applies to translations! Appearing questions I would discuss with the author or the editor.

Paper and printing-ink, a good position in the catalogue and a colored cover do not grant a book the expected success. For to be read and understood, further recommended or even becoming a standard birthday present for the following year, the linguistic presentation of a book should be excellent, too. Otherwise all effort may be in vain; that book serves as a gift and then just fills the book-shelf. I would love to contribute to good thoughts becoming readers’ pleasure and so finding real wide spreading and success.

I would be glad to serve God in co-operation with you.

God bless you,

Gabriele Pässler


German Translations I have been working on

  • Werner Oder, Battling with Nazi Demons – Mein Kampf mit dem Fluch der Nazis.
    Vom Antisemitismus zum Zionismus: Die erstaunliche Geschichte des Sohnes eines österreichischen Kriegsverbrechers
  • Winfried Bauer, Back into Our FutureUnderstanding the Five-fold Ministry
    Zurück in unsere Zukunft – Den Fünffältigen Dienst richtig verstehen, 2010
  • Emerson Ferrell, Supernatural Believing – Christ Conscious
    Realitäten – Der Glaube, aus dem du lebst – die Wirklichkeit in dir,
    2., komplett überarbeitete Auflage 2010 (1. Auflage 2008 unter dem Titel: Übernatürlicher Glaube – das Bewusstsein Christi), cube8 2010
  • Ana Méndez Ferrell, Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood
    Iss mein Fleisch Trink mein Blut – Das größte Erbe an Kraft und Offenbarung, das Jesus uns hinterlassen hat, 3., überarbeitete Auflage 2010, cube8
  • Joice Samuel, I am healed Confess and Possess Your Healing
    Geheilt –Proklamiere deine Heilung und halte sie fest, Durchbruch-Verlag 2011
  • Ruth Ruibal, Unity in the Spirit
    Einheit im Geist – Lektionen aus der Heiligen Schrift
    und aus Cali, einer Stadt in Kolumbien, GB Verlag 2009

Translation into English: Booklet YOU ARE

An evangelistic tract explaining the Gospel emphasizing on realizing the identity that we have in Christ and living it out. It is very suitable for evangelism and missions but also helps born-again Christians to find or regain the ”right perspective”.

Sadly, some Christians – still in search of recognition, appreciation, security and assurance – continually walk right into sin’s trap and as a result suffer from emotional wounds, depression, self-condemnation, false guilt and other symptoms of deprivation. This tract should help them to recognize how God really sees us, so that we might learn to live out of the abundance that we have in Jesus Christ.

The reader will find personal and beneficial words from the loving Father, edifying, comforting and eternal truths. Maybe you are interested in distributing this booklet within your church or ministry. Or you have contacts or multipliers in your network, of whom you believe, that they might be able to use it for their work. Please forward this information to them.  Maybe you’ll find a way to help bring it to the people …

I’m looking forward to your reply. Peace and blessings for you in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Kind regards

Benjamin Haas

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